Food security and the children of Africa

“The US Government’s Famine Early Warning Network issued a series of special alerts in June calling it ‘the most severe food security emergency in the world today…’” – The Lancet

Africa is desperately hurting right now, and it aches to know that and yet not be able to fix it. The food crisis is causing families to go without a single meal for days. Children are starving to death. Many are fleeing the drought-stricken areas to find relief in neighboring nations.

According to CBS news 54,000 people fled Somalia in June alone. 54,000 people! BBC is reporting that 12 million people in the Horn of Africa have been affected by this drought.

UN officials are reporting that more than 50% of the Somali children that are arriving in Ethiopia are malnourished. And untold others are dying on the way to the camps or shortly after arriving. Even special nutritional foods given to children in relief camps are not enough to save their lives. The situation is dire.

And while food aid and nutritional meals are a must to save these lives. The problem rests far deeper than any of that. Those living in areas like central Somalia have little or no access to the things that make western farming so successful–things like fertilizer and irrigation, not to mention tools, training, and transportation to market.

Although feeding programs and relief distributions are crucial to the moment–community development is crucial to the future.

Support for organizations like Plant with Purpose will help turn around the food security crisis in nations like Somalia and Niger.

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