Working together

A heart of hope

Yesterday I met with the director of a large nonprofit in Guatemala. Mario astounded me not only with his humility, but with his unwavering hope for the people of Guatemala.

The facts are dismal–one of every two people in Guatemala lives in poverty. Half the population.

But Mario believes that the renewed efforts of regular people like you and me can make a real difference. He believes that everything his team does, everything that anyone does for his people has a special purpose. Then, not to diminish the hard work of each individual, he says firmly that “we are just a piece of the puzzle.” Mario believes that it’s time to “step back” and look at the larger picture.

Part of that is by acknowledging each others’ work and finding a way to work together. Mario has helped establish a consortium of nonprofits in Guatemala, all who have different projects and different specialties in varying locations. By working together, they can enhance their impact, rather than work in competition and derail advancement.

It isn’t a new idea by any means, but it means getting over our pride and learning to live in unity as we strive toward a common goal.

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