About DrakeInk

My passion is to get behind your passion.

Holly Drake founder of DrakeInkDrakeInk is intimately aware of the struggles and joys of non-profit work. Here, my job is to support the work that you so diligently do through web and print media.

I personally began traveling internationally with non-profits at the age of 13. Since then, I have had the honor of serving the needy in six different countries including post-Katrina Mississippi and post-earthquake Haiti.

A native of Annapolis, Md., I pursued two of my great loves in college, receiving a degree in Equestrian Studies: Writing and Publications. Upon graduating I began pursuing careers in both journalism and non-profit work, eventually earning a master of arts degree in journalism and gaining hands-on experience as both a news reporter and a non-profit media producer.

I combined those careers to found Drake Inkwell Communications, where I hope our media is truly making a difference in the lives of those in need.

In my spare time, I pursue my love of other media, including food photography with my husband, a professional chef, and creative writing. I currently live in Virginia Beach with my husband, and several four-legged, furry family members.

- Holly Drake, founder